About Nirmala's Tarot

"Established in 2005 by the renowned Tarot Card Reader and instructor Gurumaa Nirmala Snehi, to help people on taking the right decision on their most difficult situation and to guide them on choosing the favorable direction.

With Nirmala's Tarot, she is offering Services like Tarot Reading, Cosmic Healing,Counseling and Spiritual Remedies. Through these Services she is helping people on their life problems and resolving their questions thoroughly and encouraging them for confident decision-making, better thinking, clarity in thoughts and action they persevere.Through tarot and her experiences, Gurumaa intend to make people aware of themselves and guide them to be more gentle and understand spiritual aspects of their lives.

With Nirmala's Tarot make people get aware with the spiritual side of themselves by letting them communicate to themselves.Through its services,Nirmala's Tarot help people figure out their life problems and to explore their life questions thoroughly.With understanding of past, explaining the present, and forecasting the future, Tarot Card Reading can help you choose the best decision to take in your difficult situation, and give you a glimpse of what is to come. Tarot sessions do not take much time of its client,a minimal of 45 minutes session is what we need to get to any solution.

  • Cosmic energy

    Cosmic energy or life energy is commonly called “Prana” or “Chi”. These energies flow within every living bodies, and transmute to different form depending upon your action.

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  • Remedies

    Cosmic energy is like a river, it flows on the path of your action to reach its sea of destiny. You cannot change the destiny but can change the path. Spiritual remedies help you to shape your path.

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  • Counseling

    Decisions are tough to take in a complex situation and we usually end up vacillating with the choices. Counseling will help you to discover that beyond your problems and conditioning you already.

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  • Tarot Card

    Tarot is like a medium, it connects me with your past and present. And help me to understand the trajectory of your life and its conclusion. It helps me to decide whether you need a remedy.

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What Our Client Say

“I am very grateful that I could come to you. You have helped me a lot to see many things more dearly. I was very confused in last few years and I feel that many things that I was not able tosee or admit to myself make more sense now. Thank you very much, I am very happy that I had the chance to talk to you,
P.S – I am very impressed by you ”

- Katherina Newberg (USA)

“I am very impressed, as you were able to come close to things that only people who know me very well, will understand about me. Thank you. “

- Ruben D’ Hauwers (Belgium)

“I am a multiple sclerosis patient and never believed that I can live a normal life ever. But after meeting you, I am living every moment. Hope to see you again friend ”

- Alen Kalen (France)

Nirmala's Tarot
Helps you find Inner Peace through Spiritual Remedies.